There is only one true Religion–that of believing the correct belief in Allah and His messengers, worshipping Allah only, loving, respecting, and following the prophet of the time, and loving and respecting other prophets. Every prophet and messenger followed and called people to the same Religion; this Religion is called ISLAM. A believer in Islam is called a MUSLIM. The meaning of Islam is “to submit toAllah“. The meaning of the word Muslim is “one who submits to Allah.” The name Allah is the name of the only true God. Although prophets and messengers spoke different languages, what they called people to was the same Religion. A person can declare that he believes and follows the true Religion–Islam–in any language, for belief is known to Allah regardless of the language. Those who say they are Muslim, yet deny the true belief in their heart, with their tongue, or by some actions, are surely not Muslim. Allah knows fully who are the ones who truly believe in Islam. Both messengers Moses and Jesus called their people to the true Religion–Islam–which is clearly described in the QUR’AN–the last and preserved scripture for all of mankind on earth.

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