Jesus, may Allah‘s blessings and peace be upon him, is dearly loved by Muslims, for he is one of the greatest of messengers and he is one of the most loved creations to Allah. Jesus has no father; he was created within Mary, and the Muslims believe that his mother Mary is the best of all women.


By Allah‘s will, Prophet Jesus performed many miracles and was obedient to Allah in every way. Jesus spoke only the truth and his followers were Muslim. Never did Jesus say he was Allah, “the son of Allah“, or that his followers should pray to him or to anyone other than Allah. Jesus is a man, but had no father;Adam was a man but had neither a father nor a mother. The Qur’atells us that the Jews did not crucify Jesus as some believe. He was not crucified at all, by Allah‘s will; Jesus was raised from the earth. Jesus is alive, and Allah will send Jesus back to the earth before the Day of Judgment. Jesus will attest thatIslam is the true faith and that Prophet Muhammad, is the last messenger. He will follow the laws thatAllah gave to Muhammad, and slay the one-eyed impostor. This is the truth, although some do not believe.

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