Satan, the first jinn, was present with the angels when Allah ordered him and the angels to bow down in respect before Adam. Satan did not bow down in respect. He objected to Allah and said he was better thanAdam, because he was made from fire whereas Adam was made from clay. Because of this objection,Allah banished Satan. Satan vowed that he would try to persuade humans into false belief and worship and shameful conduct. Allah promised that Satan and those who follow him will be the inhabitants of Hell on the Day of Judgment.


Satan is man’s accursed enemy and his vow to ruin many of mankind is not to be taken lightly. He attempts to confuse and ruin man by his prompting, making bad deeds seem good. A person is not sinful when Satan whispers to him; he is sinful if he believes and/or acts on the prompting. Although humans must believe that Satan exists and take the warning about him very seriously, we must remember thatAllah has full power over Satan. Satan can do nothing against the will of Allah. When a believer of the true Religion strives to follow Allah‘s orders and asks Allah for protection from Satan, he should not doubtAllah‘s great protection and mercy.

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