Domestic Violence Awareness with MWWA – White Ribbon Day 2016


2MFM is proud to have covered the 2016 White Ribbon Day family barbeque hosted by the Muslim Women’s Welfare of Australia that saw men and women join the fight against domestic violence.
Reiterating the theme “Draw the Line” and “Unsilence the Violence” the event successfully promoted awareness of the National White Ribbon Day campaign and featured inspirational performances, a delightful BBQ banquet, enlightening expert advice and information by key speakers.

As a very active supporter of the White Ribbon foundation, the president of MWWA spoke of the concern she has regarding domestic violence and the approach used by MWWA to address the issue.


“The Muslim Women’s Welfare of Australia tackles domestic violence through various aspects to provide services for the entire family, including religious advice, physiological wellbeing and social welfare”.

“At MWWA, our main strategy in dealing with domestic violence is primarily through education and awareness, for taking a more proactive rather than reactive approach in dealing with this problem”


Among the key guest speakers was Shaykh Bilal Homaysi who delivered a heart-rending and illuminating address about the Islamic perspective on the issue of domestic violence.

“The positon of Islam on the kind treatment of women is very clear as mentioned in Holy Qur’an through the life and character of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him”

“Under no circumstance should the husband feel in any way justified to humiliate or abuse his wife verbally or physically”

“It is not permissible for the husband to take advantage of his wife and consequently wrong her due to his superior physical power”


Also, taking part in the event was Superintendent Dave Eardly who highlighted the prevalence of domestic violence from his perspective as Commander for the Bankstown Local Area. He also deeply congratulated MWWA on their continuing commitment of eradicating this prevalent issue.

“The MWWA should be congratulated for their stance and continual efforts in trying to reduce and eradicate violence against women and children”

“The leadership you show not just within the Muslim community but right across the broader community, you are true leaders of this field and true leaders in championing the rights of women and ensuring the safety of women.”

Superintendent Dave Eardly Receiving Token of Appreciation superintendent-earldly-ms-zeineddine-msthanh-nguyen-mrs-el-dana-oam


Superintendent Dave Eardly along with his liaison officers, Georgina Zeineddine and Thanh Nguyen were presented with a token of appreciation for their enduring support towards the Muslim Women’s Welfare of Australia and their affiliated organisations.


Also, in an informative, eye-opening address, Mental Health Clinician and Occupational Health Therapist, Dr Yaser Mohammad spoke of the significant and long-term psychological impacts of domestic and family violence.

“The long-term cause which is the psychological trauma needs years and years to heal what happened from the perpetrator”

Dr Mohammad revealed some of the features of long term psychological effects of this trauma that could be experienced by the victim of domestic violence. This includes sleep deprivation, eating disorders, nightmares, paranoia and other psychotic experiences. He also stressed that education is at the forefront of discontinuing this vicious cycle.

Men in today’s society have a role in prompting change in this vicious cycle because they can influence the actions of other men in society. For this reason, they were encouraged to make a difference and take the pledge never to commit, excuse or be silent about reprehensible violence.

The event also featured a very confronting and eye-opening video projection that depicts the reality of what occurs in a situation involving physical and emotional abuse. It surely helped to change the attitudes to domestic and family violence!

2MFM takes the opportunity to congratulate MWWA members on yet another successful event.

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