The Muslim Women Welfare of Australia (MWWA) held an information session on menopause on Friday 25th February 2022.

The event was presented by Aaminah Goolam, the Promotion Officer at Family Planning NSW Fairfield, and aimed at educating women about all aspects of menopause and its symptoms, and at providing them with advice on how to manage menopause and live with it as comfortable as they can.

All the information given was interpreted simultaneously throughout the session by Hajjah Faten El Dana OAM, the President of the MWWA to ensure everyone present at the event receives the information in a language they understand.

All the women were engaged throughout the presentation and communicated their questions and concerns about menopause. They were keen to learn new information and be a part of a program that provided awareness intended at women themselves.

The session concluded with a light lunch during which everyone mingled and met each other while expressing their appreciation for the relevant information they received during the session and for the generosity of its presenters.

MWWA would like to thank our guest speaker Aaminah Goolam and all those who have joined us on the day.

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