Men and women are one of the creations of Allah. They are distinct from plants, animals, jinn, and angelsThey were created after angels and jinn; the first man was created from clay. Allah puts a soul into man but in no way is man’s soul Allah, or “a part of Allah“. The first man was Adam and all human beings come from his family. Adam had no mother or father; he was created and given life by AllahAllahcreated a wife for Adam who bore his children. Allacreated the human beings to order them to believe, profess the truth about Allah and His messengers, worship Allah only, and follow His orders during life on earth. Some of mankind has and does worship Allah correctly, obeys His orders, and will be rewarded beyond imagination. Some of mankind has not and will not worship Allah correctly and will be punished byAllah with severity in Hellfire.

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