Our Objectives

To empower Muslim women to recognise their potential, skills, and abilities to reinforce it into the wider community.

To promote a better understanding of Islamic principles and the Islamic way of life within the community by correcting any misconceptions and misunderstanding.

To provide settlement support to Muslim women new to Australia in adjusting to a different environment.

To provide and strengthen a social network for Muslim women to progress and grow in Australian society.

To provide Muslim women with training and educational opportunities to further develop and advance skill and strengthen their participation within the wider community.

To improve access and equality of service provisions at government and non-government levels.

 Steps towards achieving our objectives

 I – increase understanding of the Islamic faith to further build     acceptance and respect between communities.
S – Strengthen support networks among Muslim women
L – Look for wider opportunities for providing educational information in all areas of life (social, religion etc).
– Articulate the concerns of Muslim women by identifying their needs.
M – Maintain unity among Muslim and non- Muslim women in the community.