A special visit to MWWA by the Academic Delegation from the MSU university in Malaysia


Today, the Muslim Women Welfare of Australia held a seminar to welcome its special guests from the Management and Science University (MSU) of Malaysia, at the Grand community Hall in Liverpool. The Malaysian delegation led by Dr Zunirah Mohammad Talib (Head of Department), Dr Wan Mohammad Muzaali, Ms Faatihah Sulaiman and Ms Mok Ee Teng approached the President of MWWA, Hajjeh Faten El Dana OAM to present a seminar to the 26 males and females MSU students about her role and contribution as a prominent and active Muslim Woman leader in the Australian Community. The Delegation’s visit was a part of their international exposure programme to gain a real globalisation experience and develop a global mindset. The seminar was a highly successful event and gave the students an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the numerous community based activities of Mrs El Dana which was projected to the audience through an insightful video highlighting her services and achievements to the community. Afterwards, the guests initiated a discussion with Mrs El Dana to learn more about how she was able to implement these successful community projects and about the challenges she faced. The guests enjoyed a group photo and a light lunch to end what was regarded as a successful and insightful event. They also stated this was clearly a highlight of their visit to Australia.

At the close of the seminar Mrs El Dana was presented with a token of appreciation by the academics of the delegates to show their gratitude for her time and generous hospitality.  In return, Mrs El Dana presented them with a plaque to show her appreciation for their special visit.

Finally, we hope this event brings and engages the international communities to work more closely together and we wish them all the best with their future educational endeavours.


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