The 2016 Annual Ramadan Dinner

MWWA members

MWWA has been accustomed to holding an annual Iftar each year for community to help females within the community build networks and make new friends.

2016 was no different, with MWWA holding fantastic pink themed Iftar dinner aimed mainly at converts and sisters who were undertaking study at school, university and TAFE.

Many sisters particularly converts feel alone during Ramadan particularly as they may not have friends or family that understand or participate in the tradition of Ramadan. With this in mind, the aim of MWWA’s annual Iftars to help include sisters in the community and provide them with a sense of community and family warmth.

The event started by a Qur’anic recitation followed by congregational prayer after which the attendees were invited to break their fast on a date as the Prophet of God peace be upon him did during this time.Sarah Kahil

Guests were spoilt with choice with a colorful buffet of traditional Lebanese food and contemporary cuisines including chicken mushroom sauce and rice, mansaf, spring rolls a variety of salad and of course dessert.

Guests 3


The formal presentation commenced with the President of MWWA, Hajjeh Faten El-Dana OAM providing words of wisdom regarding the merits of fasting the month of Ramadan and the benefit of being generous in Ramadan and after: “ We need to dedicate more time to perform more acts of worship in order to train ourselves to attain piety and ask Allah to grant us mercy and forgiveness.” Her key note was that “Ramadan Iftars bring not only families together, but also communities from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life to share meal in an atmosphere of peace, harmony and respect for all”.

Faten El Dana2

She added that a few initiatives have been started to help converts to Islam make the social transition into the Muslim community so they don’t feel isolated.

Hajjeh Faten then concluded by the following advice: “We need to enhance their engagement in the community and   make these people feel part of the family.”

Sandy Aweek]

The entertainment continued with a quartet consisting of Leena Bakr, Shaymaa Ardati, Zeynab Al-Shelh and Mariam Saad who delivered a spine tingling chant on Ramadan titled: “Precious Ramadan”.

The event came to a close with ZenaTebbo and Eman Mahfoud conducting the MWWA version of the “The price is right” which challenged how well they knew their prices for common day items. Congratulations to Susan who dominated the game and taking home a prize provided by MWWA.


We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and to volunteers who donated their time and efforts to make the event a success. We look forward to seeing you at our next Iftar in 2017.

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