2014 Multicultural Mawlid Concert

To Muhammad I am devoted ”, the slogan of this year’s Mawlid is a proclamation that thousands upon thousands of devotees echoed throughout the exceptional annual, memorable, and gratifying commemoration with every breath, every performance, every ovation and imprinted on every heart of every devoted believer. The 2014 Multicultural Mawlid Commemoration proved to be an unforgettable and treasured experience for those who were privileged enough to be there in body and soul.

Thousands upon thousands of men, women and children congregated at the Sydney Olympic Park, Sports Centre – Homebush in the early evening of Saturday the 18th of January. Streams of youngsters clutching flags, balloons and placards hustled and jostled their way through the crowds eager to find places as near to the stage as they could. The young and old, rich and poor and from every class knew that if there was an event to come out and rejoice – a night to commemorate the birth of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that was the event to do so. For this was the gathering that marked the commemoration of the greatest man in history – the man who illuminated the earth from east to west.

The inaugural entry that braced the audience with alluring splendour and radiance was the crown highlight of the event, as it was convoyed with the blessed relic of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that was supported by documented proof,  luminously sealed and protected in a glass box and held by the Chairman of Darulfatwa-Australia, Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainyy who was powerfully escorted by a marvellous and gracious assemblage of Imams among them  twenty two delegates, from Majles al Ulamaa’ “The Scholars Council” in Sumatra Indonesia, who came all the way from Indonesia to participate in the Sydney Multicultural Mawlid Celebration.

Shortly after, his eminence Shiekh Ibrahim El-Shafie captured the attendees with his influential and eloquent speech that very powerfully presented a glimpse of the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and the message that he brought for mankind. He then roused the audience, both young and old by promoting them to vociferously, determinedly, confidently and with all their might repeat simultaneously with a reciprocated and unified voice “To Muhammad I am devoted”, a loud and proud testament which shook the showground and enlightened the atmosphere.

The event was accelerated with a blessed and uninterrupted flow of rewardable and praised acts of obedience that added to the radiance and warmth of the atmosphere. That incorporated the glorious recitation of the Holy Qur’an, the recitation of which resulted in a soothing and awe-inspiring effect on the audience.

Then, In his welcoming speech, Chairman of Darulfatwa Australia, Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainyy reflected on the benefits and virtues of upholding the Mawlid celebration as well as the permissibility of its practice because the deeds practiced during this event are considered rewardable by the standards of the Religion, and in line with the definition of innovations of guidance.

As the event progressed and the masses of people kept arriving until the arena was an ocean of devotees, the audience sat enthusiastically with smiles etched on their faces, they eagerly anticipate the subsequent presentation and to their disclosure they project their eyes onto the stage again. At that moment, the train of spectacular and sensational performances presented by talented groups expressing their love and devotion to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him set off with a colourful vibe of culturally diverse Muslims (including the Arabic, Turkish, Pakistani, African, Bosnian, Indonesian, Malaysian and French) who presented an outstanding performance that testified their continuous commitment to live loving Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

From there on, a rapturous tone of exhilaration could be sensed and taken notice of as the extensively cheerful audience accelerated their applause by welcoming the Muslim Kids club who prepared a breathtaking, emotional and devotional performance both verbally and physically. The beaming performance was composed of a rich display of children from diverse ethnic cultures who expressed their delight with the birth of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in their own distinctive languages (including English, Arabic, African, Bosnian, French, Indonesian, Malaysian and Urdu). Among the crown highlight of the performance was the apparent tears that were shed upon the face of a young boy who recited words that reflected the honour and prestige of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. This was one of countless stage performances that unfolded throughout the magnificent celebration organized by a committee in collaboration with the Islamic Charity Projects Association, under the patronage of Darulfatwa Australia.

Although many performances were composed of Muslims from different mother tongues, the audience was able to witness the manifestation of fidelity towards our leader Muhammad peace be upon him through a united and shared ambition: To praise and honour prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

As the event progressed with that ambition in mind, the astonishment of the audience became even more prevalent with each and every performance that unfolded during the evening. For the very first time during a Mawlid commemoration, the ICPA Youth Cultural Chanting Group loudly praised the prophet with their outstanding voices that was able to attract and over joy the audience. The entire audience continued to chant in unison with the performers as they melodiously praised Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

After another surprise, came another one with the well-known, astoundingly talented Islamic chanter and an honoured guest from Lebanon, Haaj Muhammad El-Kheir who captured the audience with his remarkable voice. Together with the contribution of the ICPA chanting band, Haaj Muhammad El-Kheir enthusiastically engaged with the audience as he invited them to sing along with him while capturing the essence of togetherness and joy.

It was surely an illuminating event which Muslims saw as a dialect and representation of their elation and love for the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, who taught them what it means to be a Muslim. The event was truly significant to our Muslim community as it was immeasurably committed to drawing the heart of the public together purely to express the collective love that all Muslims have for Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. So, as poems and stories celebrating the Prophet’s life and teachings were delightfully shared, people can reflect on the rich contributions the Muslim community has made to Australia’s national fabric.

Nearing the closing stages of the event, the Muslim Community Radio presenters grabbed the attention of the audience while they draw the names of the winners who joined the competitions throughout the mawlid season on the 2MFM 92.1 air waves. Tensions and suspense overwhelmed the arena as the names of the winners were announced from both the adult programs and children programs. To their surprise, the winners became elated and beamed with joy that they have indeed won superb prizes, which included Laptops, cash and vouchers.

In closing the stage performances, the ICPA Vice President Sheikh Bilal Homaysi made an exceptionally humbling supplication after which the audience was invited to pray the Maghrib prayer in congregation followed by seeking the blessings of the relic of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Thousands upon thousands lined up outside where the hair of the prophet in its glass box was presented to them one by one.  Outside the centre there was an almost carnival type atmosphere as the stall holders exchanged with customers over Islamic CDs, videos, DVDs, food and much more.

The ambition of spreading the love and devotion for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and learning about his significant role and contribution in our lives was fulfilled and the already devoted became increasingly more devoted. The Muslims shared the enjoinment in expressing their happiness and thankfulness to Allah for sending us our beloved Prophet, the best of all the creations. As a consequence, their gladness towards their prophet’s birth the Muslims unfolded, it was a memory that will last a lifetime since to Muhammad we truly are devoted.





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